Alcohol effect to health

August 23, 2008 2:47pm CST
Norman D. Kaplan, a professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre in Dallas, who has studies alcohol's impact on health as part of his 40 years research into the causes and treatment of hypertension said there are evvidence that those who drank moderate amounts of beer had less hypertension than did those who drank either wine orr spirits. Aside a survey that showed that male beer drinkers among the group were at a statistically significant lower risk of coronary artery disease than men who drank red wine, white wine or spirits, another suggewsted that beer, because of mechaniwsms that "are not all cleary understood," may help increase bone density, thus decreasing risk of fractures. Based on all the above fact, what is your side of view to ALCOHOL?
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24 Aug 08
I think small amounts are probably healthy, the key though, is moderation.