Do You Think Its Wrong To Put Kids On Ritalin?

@elmiko (6635)
United States
August 23, 2008 7:09pm CST
Theres been studies saying over time that Ritalin changes the brains of kids. They never had Ritalin back then but they did have strict dicipline which probably would be considered child abuse now. There has also been a case to where a kid died from Ritalin and complained of feeling really drugged and did not want to take it. His father told him he had to take it and he later died in his sleep. Of course teachers want kids to take Ritalin to make there job easier. To be honest its really not a life or death decison to take the Ritalin but just favors adults who want to drug kids. I don't think its right but seems to be the direction to go considering what is child abuse these days.
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