Just dreamt of mylot last night..lol!

@eiram25 (1076)
August 23, 2008 7:10pm CST
Hi mylotters! Funny to admit, but yep, you read it right, I just dreamt of mylot last night! I dreamt that mylot just increased the earnings for every post made, which made all the mylotters happy about it. lol! Mylot has definitely become a part of me that it has somehow reached my subconscious being. lol! Have you ever dreamt of mylot?=)
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@shelly43 (1197)
• Australia
24 Aug 08
oww wow so maybe it will increase lol and no i have never dreamed of mylot but i do wonder how my friends are doing from all over the world.. hugssssss keep on dreaming and lets hope they become truth lol
@Chevee (5914)
• United States
24 Aug 08
No I haven't dreamed of MyLot but I probably will tonight if I ever get off the computer I have been sitting here all day. It is rainy and windy outside, there is nothing else left for me to do.