Lotion or moisturizer

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August 23, 2008 9:35pm CST
My skin is SO dry and itchy because of chemotherapy. I have to moisturize constantly. I have tried many lotions and would like to find just one that works very well. I have tried Nivea, Dove, Aveeno, Jergens, Neutrogena, etc. I have a back scratcher in every room in the house...lol. Help me find a good moisturizer.
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24 Aug 08
For super-dry skin, try Melaleuca's Renew Intensive Skin Therapy Lotion. It's pricy, but it will surely help your super-dry, itchy skin. I hope you find some relief soon.
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25 Aug 08
Thanks for the suggestion. I am to the point where I no longer care if itch relief lotion is pricey or not....I don't want to scratch all the time. It drives a person round the bend!!! I will definitely try it. Then you will be my lifesaver!!!!!
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16 Mar 09
Twilight, you should try eBay to find the lotion wrld_n_harmony is talking about. I found one that was new and sealed and it only costs $4.99. I hope you feel better! Happy myLotting! -Cil