Champions trophy postponed

@cudamani (996)
August 24, 2008 10:58am CST
It is sad to note that the champions trophy to be held in Pakistan stands postponed. It will be a great torunament wherein all the countries would have participated. Terrorism plays spoil sport. Cricket lovers miss such an important tournament. Cricket becomes boring if such tournaments are cancelled. It is better if the champions trophy is shifted to a country like India.
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@kerriannc (4280)
• Jamaica
24 Aug 08
There are a lot of concern with South Africa, West Indies and Australia where safety is concerned. The ICC said that they will be taking it to Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India said that they will not be going there if it goes there. South Africa and Australia said that if the venue is not change then they will not be going. I think that India and Pakistan should stop playing Politics with Cricket. Not because they are the biggest spender in Cricket they think that they have right to dictate and now the goons on the ICC board is bowing to their wishes. Those goons need to have a back bone with cricket is concern and remember that it is the fans that have the talk. When the Championship is resume no one should show interest. Kerry
@amitavroy (4821)
• India
24 Aug 08
definite my friend this is something which is not a pretty good sign for any sport. Politics and terrorism are totally different from sports. And so I personally feel that they should never be mixed together and they should not affect sports. What happened at this definitely something which will be taken as a black thing in the history and one thing has been proved by this act that the people who are behind this are clearly not having any good intentions but they just want to create fear in the minds of common people and they do not represent any section of the common people. The common people have one good thing in is and that is we don't want harm to others which is the terrorists to and that is how they are not representatives of all is and they will never be. It is better that they back out and give assurance that sports will not be affected. But I know this will never happen and we will be arrogant enough not to move from the view.