The Craziest E-Mail You Have Got

August 24, 2008 1:35pm CST
I was once checking my Email inbox as usual when I found this email.I think it was a scam. Subject:Nothing more to live Body:Hello Friend, I don't know why I am calling you a friend cause I don't even know you but you have to listen to this. My brother bickers with me and my parents hate me. My dog keeps biting me and even my servant disobeys me. I think I have no friend other than my PC. And today, my parents even packed up the PC. I have nothing more to live. I want to die. Click here to see my photo. The word "here" was a hyperlink and maybe it was a scam. I ignored it and went to sleep. Next morning when I started my PC, it was infected with a virus. So have you ever got such crazy mails?
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