August 24, 2008 3:41pm CST
does anybody know the best exercise to do to get rid of that flabby bit on the underside of the arm? Ive tried the small circles thing but that doesnt seem to have made a difference
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@mysdianait (65104)
• Italy
24 Aug 08
Promise not to laugh? Ok i'll tell you what i do. Get 2 bottles of water, the big bottles. Holding one in each hand lie crossways on a single bed or a sofa where you have quite some space either side. Lie flat, no pillows. Now hold your arms out as far as you can with the bottles in each hand and your arms touching the bed. Now raise arms slowly from the elbow towards your chest, stop and then back to starting position. Repeat a few times the first time you try it and gradually work up to more. Helps me and I hope it helps ou too
24 Aug 08
thanks for that ill give it a try :)