Life of a Good Family

August 24, 2008 10:53pm CST
What is a Good family? If more members in a family, Is it good? Mutual understanding and the Love is the main thing for a Good family. In a family, if more members, it is good for having love between the members. But If a 2 child family, All the items will divide in to two. So that they can't study how to adjust with more persons. Also they will become selfish. But if there are more members, they can adjust with any persons.
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• India
27 Aug 08
A good family is a mutual understanding between its family members. Even no mutual respect and understanding in a family, it will be worst one. So we must try to increase love in the family.
• India
27 Aug 08
Where is Love there is the presence of God.
• Canada
25 Aug 08
For a family to be good I believe begins with mutual respect and trust for one another. Open communication is important as well as structure. Maybe I am explaining the ideal family when there are less rigid attributes that make a family good. Loyalty, support, love, nurturing would be other indications of a good family, too.