How do you cope with long distance relationship?

@Reyah23 (641)
August 25, 2008 4:20am CST
I got a friend who is so depression because his girlfriend left to work abroad. Though our present technology helps, he still sad and missing her so much. We as his friend tried to make his day busy and happy to cope his loneliness.
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@neildc (17246)
• Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
7 Feb 10
i also have a girl friend whom her boyfriend works abroad. she really feels bad most of the time especially when she is at home and alone. we as friends will always do our best to get her depression gone. if we can always be with her always, we do it. we frequently go out together, to at least lessen the time of remembering him. but they can still communicate through chat. but since we have different time zones, they cannot always chat with each other. when one is working, the other should be resting for the next working day. and vice versa.
• Philippines
25 Aug 08
i have never believed in long distance relationships. ive tried it once. worked for weeks. but after which, boom. nothinh happened. although we do have this thing called trust that we can always emphasize and uphold on our relationship, there is something more that what we need with which the virtual world cannot give. sure you can hear each other. but can you hug each other or kiss or perhaps something more? its nice that you are exerting effort to cheer them up, busy him up, but then again, there's nothing better than the real thing.. in long distance relathionship, you could either deal with it. continue with what you currently have and see what happens OR perhaps have each other open for other possibilities (because i know, sooner or later, one's gonna find "another" one)