Loving neighbor

@rkrish (3003)
August 25, 2008 7:06am CST
I am in this new place for more than 1 year. Really i find very helpful with my neighbor when i landed here from 1st day to today....They helped me a lot in this new place. And we also moved friendly and their helping tendency makes feeling so great to be near to them. They helps for most of the people in our storey and they are very caring and loving. Do you know the ages he is 74 and she is 65... I am so loving them tooo.. What do you feel about their greatness
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@pp_earn (210)
• India
31 Aug 08
Really, you are lucky to have such neighbors.Life becomes easy and wonderful if you have such neighbors.Its good to have such loving and caring parent-like neighbors.
@MeiFrank (66)
• China
26 Aug 08
Hi rkrish It is very great that you have so nice neighbors.In China, when I was a child in the countryside, the whole village knew each other, and we often play together. But now , I am working in the big city.many people live in the very high building, Although they are very near , like the stangers.I think it is very pity . compare the city , I like the countryside more.
@nizhama2 (295)
• Malaysia
26 Aug 08
Having a good neighbor is among the best thing in our life. Nowadays everybody are busy with their schedule and don't have much time with their neighbors. In Islam neighbors are very important. Our prophet SAW always ask us to be nice with our neighbors. You are very lucky having neighbor like them. My neighbors are very kind too. We have no problem at all. Just one thing : we don't have much time talking to each other as a lot of us here (our community) are teachers. We spend most of our time at school with studends and returning home with a tired body...