Making money

August 25, 2008 8:20am CST
money is neutral. It is neither good nor evil. money takes on the nature or characteristics of it's owner or possessor. A good person will use his or her money for positive purpose. An evil person will use his or her financial power to perpetrate evil on a massive scale. Having money on it's own will not making you become evil if you are a person of character, neither will it make you become good if you are morally delinquent. Money just takes on the character of its possessor. A person of character will use his or her financial resources to be a blessing to mankind and alleviate th suffering of the poor and the unfortunate. on the other hand, a person who lacks character will use his or her resources to propagate and encourage crime and be a menace to the society at large. the lack of money on the other hand has led several people down the path of despair and despondency. poverty made them do things they wouldn't ordinarily have done. You are better off having more money than you can spend than to have no money at all. It is better for you to be in a position to bless than for you to be a liability to society. Settle this once and for all in your mind. Having money is good, having lots of it in excess of your needs is even better. Next time, we will look at ways thru which people make money
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