why do so many like drama in there lives

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August 25, 2008 8:46am CST
i have never been able to figure this out. me personally i just like to have nice peaceful days but it seems poeple at work dont and then my renters dont either. i always end up in the middle of it cause they put me there. like at work friday. i am a leam lead so i have to help in managing and well the super left early. the team i have has 4 team leads on it. team lead is liek a asst manager. well one of the team leads started a arguement with one of the employees and that employee clocked out and was leaving auto tremanation. i could understand why he did though she was horriable to him. well no one would do anything so of course i stopped it. i had him come back calm down and clock in. everyone was going to let him jsut leave and not say a word. i wouldnt let that happen he has bills and etc and needs the job. i would of wanted to do the same thing if someone did what she did though. well that put me in that drama. then saturday i am sitting at home minding my own business and a renter comes over and stated that she knows that another renter took her gas out of her gas can. which i am sure he did. he is a low life and well will be moving very soon do to being a completel pain and much more. she was mad though so here we go again. with it being my rentals i have to try and get peace considering we all live with in a 100 yards from each other and well i dont want to end up seeing a fight in my back yard lol. why do people like drama? why cant adults act like adults? why are there so many that want to stir the pot.
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@bamakelly (5193)
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25 Aug 08
It does seem that there are people who like drama. I personally like to stay away from all of that. I think that it is better just to keep a peaceful existence and to live and let live. There is no sense in making any waves. I don't like to gossip and I don't appreciate anyone talking about me. I think that I try to treat people with respect. You don't always get respect in return. I guess you just have to try your best to ignore some things and then it will come to a stop eventually.