what is your opinion about finding Mr. or Ms. Right???

August 25, 2008 9:43am CST
A survey said that 6 out of 10 married couples said they're married with a wrong person... are you looking for Mr. or Ms. Right??? what will you do to find them??? do we really have to find them??? is it possible to have a perfect relationship???
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• Philippines
25 Aug 08
there is no such thing as perfect relationship. all relationships have rough times and unsexpected twists & turns. Finding Mr or Ms Right may be difficult. If ever you find them,at some point they'll turn into Mr & Ms Wrong,lol.Love is what keeps people together. When you marry, you vow to accept everything about the person. You just dont love the good qualities, you also deal with the ugly ones. Thats the challenge of it all. For the youngster out there, quit trying to find Mr & Ms Right. It may just be a fairytale to find them. I am happily married, not with Mr. Right but with the man I love so dearly. And IF, just IF, in the future, I will find Mr. Right, i might turn my head on his direction and just tell him , he came a little late coz Im so darn happy with the man I am with.
• India
25 Aug 08
well to be really frank i don't think perfect relationships exist, for that matter i don't even feel perfect people exist. look around and you will find some problem in every one of us. i tried finding Mr.right but could not find him. so now i am concentrating on finding Mr. right now...hehehe.
@my125125 (821)
• Malaysia
25 Aug 08
For my opinion, first thing that you need to accept his or her bad habits, or behavior. People always look for the good, and don't see the ugly one. I always feel that a person too perfect, is not human. A human should have their best and worst.