how do you maintain your sexy body structure?

August 25, 2008 10:40am CST
I know that all of us here wants to have a sexylicious look.So,how are we going to have it?Why there are older one that still looks great,how did they do that?they can still use their bikinis in the beach.
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@teka44 (3423)
• Brazil
25 Aug 08
Hi mAinexD, welcome to mylot and have a nice stay here. I don't do nothing for this. I plan to do some exercices but still doing nothing AH AH. I think I am very well for my age and I can use bikini yet. I think that having joy and a good mind you can keep your self young. I have seen some people like artists that seems to have 20 years less but they don't live only do exercices and eat leaves. And most of them have cosmetic surgeries. Well, I am happy the way I am. Cheers and welcome.
• Philippines
26 Aug 08
yah that's right!i agree. you can also youthful spiritually and mentally.hehehehe if you cannot make it in the physical aspect.hehehe right? but whats important is you enjoyed your life and what you have. 'coz we cannot take the time back.agree?hehehe