Being slim is necessary beautiful?

August 25, 2008 12:13pm CST
Are you comfortable with yourself to be stared in public? The answers may be various. Some of you might me conscious and would be bothered others might not. When you open these celebrity magazines or TV, the polemic about size Zero and 'the slimmer you are the better you look' comes in your face. But is it true? Is it so important to be sooo slim to look better? We're forgetting our health. One have to feel comfortable in your own skin and have a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise and the right food is the key to reaching or staying at a healthy weight. What are your ideas? Do you seek to be slim or to be healthy?
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@Cheiyen (317)
• Philippines
22 Jan 10
if i were doing a public performance or public speaking, then i won't mind people staring at me. i'm not one of the many women who aspire to get that size zero thingy. for me beauty comes from within and what you are outside is just a reflection of your inner beauty. beauty is subjective and fashion models have all the reasons wy they need to stay slim. their career demands it. i'm not a fashion model so i don't really care much about staying slim. i'd been too way underweight before and i didn't look as good the way i am now. being too slim or too fat isn't healthy. skipping meals or overeating isn't healthy either. i prefer being healthy than being slim. if we base beauty from famous celebrities or fashion model, we'll end up living in vain. these people have a regular diet program and personal trainer and they spend to keep them. regular exercise helps to keep yourself healthy but i think that food intake is more important than any other thing. sticking to natural or organic food is the safest. being slim doesn't define what beauty is. we are all beautiful in our own way.
@maryann82 (133)
• Philippines
26 Aug 08
i don't really believe that the slimmer you are the more beauty you get.... i'm really not affected if anyone stares at me in a public place cause i really don't bother i just go on with what i wanna do and just do the things i like.... i feel comfortable with what i look and what i wear and my size isn't an issue as long as i'm fit and i'm able to do the things i wanna enjoy in my life