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August 25, 2008 7:02pm CST
i watched this movie last night coz we are just at home last weekend coz my hubby is still sick and we need to stay home and let him rest for at least 3 weeks. I have been down coz of this as i feel helpless and i feel responsible for his sickness coz i was sick when he arrives from his trip up in BC so the situation is kinda getting on my nerves, yay. anyway, so i look up for a movie that will make me really sad as it seems to help me cry and let go of the pain i end up finding P.S. I LOVE YOU and yes it was a morbid kind of pain i would want to see but i i still watch it coz thats the only one i have available. anyway, it is pretty sad as it brings back some memories in my life when i lose my first bf from a car accident. it makes me more sad knowing that our life is very unpredictable. it makes me wonder and think if i am really living my life to the fullest and if i am showing all my love to all my love ones. the movie helps me reflect on what i have right now and how bless i am despite the past. it makes me feel so happy coz i have the greatest dream of my life right next to me and knowing he feels the same way for me. yes life is too short to dwell on the pain and my husband have shown me the beauty of pain as well as the life after it. the movie sure made me cry (yeah many times throughout the show) BUT it makes me happy knowing we are alive and we are living our lives together to the fullest. I have heard and read a few people who is bitter about life and love, i used to be one and like them i end up being a non-believer BUT i never close the doors in my heart. i let it open and entertain who ever knocks. I believe that pain cripples us "big time" but such pain helps us see life and love in a deepest way possible once we have it back. how about you? did you ever felt such pain in life? how did you handle it? takecare
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26 Aug 08
sorry buddy i never had such experience or held up in such a situation.. i was moved to comment soion after i read your description. sorry if i said anything irrelevantly.. will defeinitely keep you posted when i face such situations
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@jairgirl (2877)
• United States
26 Aug 08
hello there, thanks for finding the title moving LOL anyway, i appreciate the honesty that you havent felt such thing yet. i hope you wont as it is not an easy one to deal with but i guess life often gives us something that will mold us to be a better person in the end. i wish you all the best in life and keep me posted then. takecare