what should I do?to leave him or continue to be with him?

August 25, 2008 8:36pm CST
There is a boy who love me very much,and he would do anything for my good.He even loves me more than himself.but he has a fatal default:he always cavils about my behavior.I am an ordinary girl ,but he wants to shape me into an elegant lady,I tell him it is impossible for him to change me,but he just continues his own way ,so he always makes me unhappy.What should I do?Can somebody give me some advise?
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• United States
26 Aug 08
Well if he really loves you like you say; you need to sit him down and really make him understand that if he doesn't stop trying to shape you into his perfect girl, than he isn't going to have you. Make sure he understands how miserable he is making you, and if HE doesn't change than you'll leave him. But at least give him a chance to knock it off.... *Do you love him as much as he loves you?
• China
26 Aug 08
well,I do love him.but there is an old saying goes: it is easy for you to love a person but difficult for you to get along well with each other all the way,right?
• United States
28 Aug 08
That is true. And no one's perfect. You have to make him see that. And if you want to, give him a chance to change himself instead of trying to change you--if you want to.
@n30wing (4768)
• Philippines
26 Aug 08
Why can't you tell him what you feel. If he love you he will accept you for what you are, not what he wants you to be. Now if you think his making you unhappy set him free. Sometimes time and space make us think more then we are there. Arelationship meets halfway. It's two to tango then only 1. O r if I be in my positive way maybe he just wants to see you the best. But sometimes we can't change easily it will take time. Anyway have a nice day!
@subha12 (18452)
• India
26 Aug 08
Look love can't be just fantasy in the way you are. so try to make him understand that its possible till what is natural. what he wants may not be possible. if he is not satisfied with it, its not true love