Better Speaking… Anyone?

@fedge098 (1331)
August 25, 2008 10:31pm CST
I have been attending an English Proficiency class wherein we are given the chance to speak in a small group of people about anything under the sun. The main objective of the class is to develop or should I say, re-develop, our self-confidence in public speaking (in English) and to practice our English-speaking abilities within the group. This is for us to ensure that we take this learning to our respective companies (work). What I would like to share with you, myLotters, is the basic parts of a simple speech which when regularly practiced will assist us in effectively delivering our speeches. A speech has five basic parts: (1) the introduction; (2 to 4) points one to three; and (5) the conclusion. Points one to three may be extended depending on how many points one speaker would want to share. An effective introduction will help the speaker capture the attention of his target audience. This should not be too long or too short. What is important is you go straight to the point and avoid your listeners to keep on guessing what your thesis (or topic) is. You can use different approaches in delivering your introduction. A quotation from a famous individual, a short story (may be personal or fictional), a song – there are different ways to deliver your introduction. Next are the points. These maybe are facts, examples, descriptions or anything that would support your thesis. In giving your points, ensure that you make it clear what your point is. Give a brief description and then a simple example. Keep going until you have delivered all your points. The last part is the conclusion part. To do this, first is to mention what your thesis is. Then present a brief summary of the important points that you presented earlier. Lastly do not forget to give your audience a Value Point. This should give them the main lesson of your speech. This should be something that will be retained in your listeners’ minds. These are just the basic steps in delivering your speech to an audience. Keep on practicing and you’ll realize you’re getting better. This is just one of the things that I learned in my English Proficiency class. I want share this with you guys. I hope, in one way or another, I have instilled a new learning to you guys.
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