Where did Obama's Mo Go?

@atish19 (180)
August 25, 2008 11:52pm CST
Barack Obama'big shiny campaign bus rollrd into Denvre with more money in the bank than air in the tires. So, where'd his Mo go? Many Republicans, Democrats and independents welcomed Obama,s bold audacity in confronting then besting, the Clintons. Once Hillary was clearly not going to be nominates, his audacity turned into a presumption of ultimate victory as he displayed an entitlement that peaked in his Berlin speech. The Europeans loved i. Americans, though, were unmoved by his celbrity status on the continent. As the battle with McCain tightens his demeanor is morphing into adolescent bravado in the form of trash-talking. For example, he reportedly stated that John McCain "doesn't know what he's up against" in this election and challenged him to stop questioning his chaacter and patriotism. Message to Obama: McCain questions your judgments, not yor patriotism, sir. And your character is, as is his, legitimate subject of query. At time when humility was in order, Obama displayed arrogange. Plus, he doesn' take criticm well. Americans are seeing this. The real obama might not emerged in a shorter campaign season.Time is not his friend
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