who are your ideal town villagers in animal crossing wild? who do you have now?

August 26, 2008 1:59am CST
for those who play animal crossing wild world, which villagers would you like to have (and keep) in your town? as for me, my ideal villager list would be: tangy (cat, peppy) alice (koala, nice) mallary (duck, snooty) ruby (bunny, peppy) luck (dog, lazy) big top (elephant, lazy) stitches (bear, lazy) static (squirrel, cranky) (i don't like the sporty male types lol) my current villagers: alice, big top, static, lucky, antonio (sporty anteater), opal (snooty elephant), bluebear (peppy), and hopper (cranky penguin -- he's moving out--yay! don't like him) what about you?
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7 Jan 09
I think that the best ones are he ones who like you to come over to their houses a lot. It just gives the game extra things to do.
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6 Jan 09
I like the cranky and hungry males but I can't stand the obnoxious body builder ones. As of right now I have 3 of the weight lifters and they are making me insane. I have tried to make them move out but the aren't getting the hint. I can't stand the roosters/chickens either. I love Mallary, Gabi (a cute bunny) and Caroline (squirrel). Cube (hungry penguin), Roscoe (black horse), and Stitches were fun but they have moved on.
@Marcola (2776)
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4 Jan 09
Well, I don't play this game quite as much as I have been, but I do prefer the athletic males, the cranky males and the hungry males. I just find all of them to be so funny. So, right now, I have Curly, Pierce, Joey, Kabuki, Aurora (too nice, it's annoying), Opal (She's kind of funny sometimes.), Nibbles and Peanut. (The last two would be of the ditzy female variety. They can be kind of funny sometimes.) I actually try to keep all my villagers in my town until I get a picture of them. I've had Curly since the beginning, actually.