Why all the hype about NeoBux?

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@velah1 (102)
August 26, 2008 7:37am CST
Hey all, I've noticed that everyone considers NeoBux as one of the best PTC site. Everywhere I read, I find things such as "Neobux rocks","Neobux is the best", "Neobux, marry me!"(alright, i made this one up). But the point is, what's so great about Neobux? It gives just $0.01 for each ad to standard members. I receive very few ads. About 4 are recurring and when I'm lucky, I may receive about 3 more if i check the site regularly. Also, The site is extremely slow. It has its good points too, like a very nice look, secured pages, instant payment, and low cashout. But I don't think it is enough to consider it as the god of all PTC sites. There are other sites, Pay2Surf, which have a floating payrate(min. i have seen is 2 cents/click, but it usually floats around 4cents/click and may go upto 80 cents/click rarely. it has min. 10 ads, usually 12). Many of us aren't that desperate to receive the payment and can wait for a week or a month. The main point is that the site must have plenty of ads and good payrate for standard members too. I'm not saying that neobux is a bad site, it's quite good in fact, but its not the GREATEST. I have spoken my mind, what are your views?
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