How much would you rate The Dark Knight

@razor123 (979)
August 26, 2008 12:51pm CST
Hey people i'm pretty sure most of you'll have watched one for the most fabulous movies of 2008 so far that is The Dark Knight. So in your honest opinion how did you'll find the Movie. Please post in your comments. Also without fail on a scale of 1 - 10 how much would you rate this particular movie? I just loved the movie and would want to watch it another 10 more times at least once the DVDRip is available on the net. I would give it a rating of 10/10 cause i really like and enjoyed the movie a lot.
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28 Aug 08
Well in my opinion, the dark knight is one of the best hollywood made movies of all times because of it's intense action and attention grabbing scenes. I have watched and re-watched in theatres up to 3 times! I know you can say that i am very dumb about that but i really liked it very much. Watching it in theatres makes the movie 10x better than watching it on DVDRip, trust me. If i were to rate the dark knight on the scale of 1 - 10, i'll give it an 11 for going over and beyond normal expectations. That is just my opinion, Don't know about the others
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@gohan123 (28)
• India
27 Aug 08
dark knight was one of the most thrilling and exciting movies i hav seen after a long time.the director was able to create such a visual spectacle using very little cgi and also the story plot was very i would give a 9/10 rating .also the jokers part was played brilliantly
@Grimze (76)
• Egypt
26 Aug 08
Its an awesome movie, of course in theaters its a different effect, but i'm still convinced, if i had seen it at home i would have still loved it as much. I wont give it 10/10, cause that would mean i literally didn't look away for a single second, so i will go ahead and give it a 9.999/10