living independently

August 26, 2008 4:03pm CST
when do you start living independently? is it when you reach the age of 18 and your parents let you get out of their side? Or is it when you have work and can start living on your own? Living independently takes a lot of courage, lots of money to start with and a good and stable job. It's not easy to start life and do the things you dont usually do at home. But it is indeed a great experience if you'll learn how to live in this way. You'll manage to take care of yourself even when your parents are away. Have to buy and cook your own food, have to wash your clothes, when you're sick you cannot depend on buying medicine to others and chill out in the corner trying to calm yourself, when you're in financial needs, you can turn only to yourself. Yet in return, you have the freedom and you have your time to do things that you like.
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@Anne18 (11034)
1 Sep 08
You start living indendently when the time is right for you. My daughter moved out at Easter at the age of nineteen. She moved as she couldn't get a job in our town and wanted a job in the town where she had been going by bus everyday to college. As the job is shift work we can not take her every day and she doesn't drive, no buses at the time she needs a bus so she decided to move out, with our blessing. If she had got a job in our town she wouldn't have moved out but stayed living at home. Some people have to move out as they don't get on with parents/brothers/ sisters etc. So its really when you feel the time is right for you