'You are the 999,999th visitor' banner is driving me mad!!

@eveeee (659)
August 26, 2008 4:24pm CST
It is on the screen, and I refresh it goes away. As soon as I post, or move to another page, it jumps tight back at me, bouncing around in front of my eyes. I know if I try to close it or click on it, I will be transported to a site I had no intentions of ever visiting. It is at the top of the screen... bounce, bounce, bounce and it is not just driving me personally mad, but also sending my eyes funny. I cannot cope with certain things in front of my eyes, similar to not being able to cope with strobe lighting, and I cannot get rid of it. The only thing that might work is if I log out and then back in again, I need to save my sanity, and if it is still there, then it will be nite nite mylot for tonight
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