your ex becomes your in law...

August 27, 2008 9:36am CST
I had a friend who liked be while we were in highschool, I have to admit I liked him too... 7 years after, with no communication at all, we meet up. We bonded with our other friends, everyday felt like a high school reunion. Anyways, his older brother, somehow started to make a move on me. I know that he was planning to court me and sometimes asked me to go out with him, he didn't say if it was a date or a group date. But my friend admitted that his brother was interested in me, and asked me if I felt the same way. I asked him how he felt, and all he could say was, "Don't mind me, if it makes you happy, you got my support, don't mind me." How would you feel if your childhood sweetheart told you that. Although he has a girlfriend, I know it would hurt him to see the girl that he liked for years would actually go to his older brother. And I guess I felt the same way, that I would also be affected if he courted my sister. How would you feel if your ex or a childhood/high school sweetheart became your sister or brother's partner? what if it goes as far as an in law?
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