Embarrassingmoment ... You remember one???

August 27, 2008 9:54am CST
Do you have an embarrassing moment that no matter what you do or no matter how you try to forget you keep on remembering it ? And when you do remember you always blush and feels as if it just happened? Me yeah so embarrassing that i want to disappear right there and then. It happens when im having a lunch with my co workers and with someone(co worker) whom im not very found of. Im so irritated with her whenever she says something because she is what we call "know it all" and keeps on talking and talking and talking. While eating also she has this habit of spooning your meal with her spoon just came out from her (how disgusting). To may dismay i texted my friend saying that " GIrl, look at her she so ill-mannered and know it all person .. blah blah blah . Then send the text message. To my surprise the cellphone that is ringing or the cellphone whom i sent the message with is not to my friend but to her . My gosh much to my embarrassment i just left and pretended nothing happen. How about you do you have a similar story like mind ???
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