when buying medicine, do you take salesperson's recommend or?

@gabbana (1815)
August 27, 2008 9:59am CST
when at a drugstore, do you follow the instruction or recommend from the shop assistant or decide on your own? i tend to be the latter. why? because the salesperson in my city only do this for extra money from the manufacture , not for the good of customer. what are things like in your city?
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@youless (105487)
• Guangzhou, China
28 Aug 08
I don't want to listen to the salesperson's recommendation because they are not professional doctor. I tend to buy a medicine which I am familiar with. I don't want to try a new medicine without my doctor's suggestion. I love China
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@gabbana (1815)
• China
29 Aug 08
you are smart , i agree. they are not professional though sometimes they are right.
@Anne18 (11033)
27 Aug 08
I do like to make my mind up about things. I only mostly buy things thta I have used for years and swear by that they are good. If for some reason I need something new I will listen to the salesperson and then make up my mind, sometimes I do take there advice and buy what they offer, it all depends on what it is.