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August 27, 2008 10:53am CST
It's my first time to write my words here ,though i have been a member of "myLot" more than one year. It has been one year since i graduated from university,and sometimes i just cant believe it has been one year. Looking back to the days when i was in university,i was so happy with my friends and i never felt lonely.But now,everything has changed.Many friends ,like brothers and sisters ,are working in different cities,so it's not likely that we can be together like when we were in university.Sometimes i want to visit them,but the long distance between the cities cut off my plan.What' more ,since i started to work,i have had no much time to have parties or to do anything else that i want to do. It seems that i am complainting of something,maybe!I just dont know what to do next,maybe i have to cotinue my boring job,maybe i have to go on my life full of nothing but boring work and sleeping.I really cant take it any more! I wish you my friends can give me some advice,or tell me how you lived through the unpleasant days you were in!Thanks!
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@spalladino (17921)
• United States
27 Aug 08
You are in a new phase of your life now and it will be what you make it...good or or dull. School days were fun but now you have moved on, just as some of your friends did. I'm sure you still have some friends nearby and what about at work and in your neighborhood...any friends there? You say that your job is boring yet you went to university. Are you working in the field you studied or are you doing something else temoroarily until something in your field opens up? You need to be patient, you need to reach out to friends and family nearby and you need to have some fun once in awhile but you also need to remember that you are an adult now and fun is limited...but it's still there.
• China
28 Aug 08
Thank you ,my friend!I agree with you.Maybe I should adapt myself to this new environment as soon as possible,instead of complaining.