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@diutay (1327)
August 27, 2008 11:28am CST
What will you do if you missed your flight? Why did you miss it? This happened to me several times. Some of the reasons are perfectly justifiable like there was a change to a smaller aircraft so those who checked in first were given priority. There were also times when it was really my own fault like the time when I passed by a mall only to be caught in a heavy traffic on my way to the airport. Or there was a time when I overslept. But one time I thought my flight was in the morning only to realize that it was in the afternoon.I was already at the airport by then and had to go back home again lugging all my things.
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@littleowl (7157)
27 Aug 08
Fortunatly this has never happened to me so am unsure what my reaction may be..obviously I would be upset but unless put in the situation I don't know what I would feel like littleowl
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@razor123 (979)
• India
27 Aug 08
This has never happened to me so far. I have never missed a flight of mine till date. I always leave early for the airport and make sure i'm there in time. However if i had missed a flight i was ask then if there was a vacancy on another flight if its really urgent and bought a ticket.
@greenline (14848)
• Canada
27 Aug 08
I missed the flight a couple of times. Those were connecting flights, missed due to late arrivals of the incoming flights. The airline took care of accommodations.