the sister i never had...

August 27, 2008 8:25pm CST
im an only girl..while im enjoying much of the attention of everybody, im still longing to feel what it is to have a sister,...thats why im more into boy basketball, swimming in the river, play with a slingshot, wearing jersey and caps more often when i was younger and other male interests..its fun!! though my brothers never failed to tag me along and boost my spirit of belongingness, i still wonder what it is like to have someone to share a room with, share girl stuffs with and the like...can you tell me how it is like to have a sister????
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• United States
28 Aug 08
I grew up with an older sister(3 1/2 years), no brothers. It sucked. She was always being mean to me, hitting me, not sharing her stuff. It was horrible. After years of normal sibling hatred, she is now my best friend. My oldest child is a boy, my next is a girl, and my youngest is a girl. Ask my son and he will tell you he'd rather have brothers. My oldest daughter hates her little sister(she told me once it's because Courtney is a girl and she wanted a little brother). My youngest is happy having one of each, but not happy that they are both older. Point-- siblings are rarely happy with each other, until they are old enough to realize the true value of family.
• Philippines
28 Aug 08
true...but is still regret not having a could have completed the fun and experience...but i will always treasure my brothers and still thankful that they hadn't converted me into a man after these years..