Greatest experiment ever September the 10th 2008

@urbandekay (18308)
August 28, 2008 1:41am CST
This is the date set for the greatest experiment ever, using the largest most complex machine ever made, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research will attempt high energy collisions that they hope will reveal information of a new fundamental level of matter and energy. There is a insignificantly small chance that this experiment could destroy the world by creating a black hole. Are you worried or fascinated? all the best urban
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• United States
28 Aug 08
No I'm not worried at all. I don't believe we possess anything remotely close to the power or conditions it would take to create a black hole. I am very excited about the first run and I'll be watching it on the webcast. If by some ridiculous chance they do happen to create a black hole, I know I'll have just enough time to give a big laugh then put my head between my legs and kiss my assets goodbye.
@Zmugzy (773)
28 Aug 08
I actually thought it was taking place this month. I am not very worried. One of the main aims of the CERN large hadron collider (LHC) - a 27km circular underground tunnel - is to discover whether or not an elementary particle called the Higgs boson exists. In order to discver this particles will smash together at near the speed of light. The discovery of the Higgs-boson will increase our understanding of the relationship between Einstein's general theory of relativity and the world of quantum mechanics. Relativity theory describes gravity, while the other three fundamental forces of electromagnetism, strong nuclear forces and weak nuclear forces are explained by quantum mechanics, also known as the Standard Model of particle physics. Even if scientists fail to find the elusive Higgs boson, the research should still aid in the development of other theories and give us a better understanding of our universe and how the very nature of reality is constructed. Mini black holes might be created but these will be tiny subatomic structures comparable to electrons or protons. They will last for less than a second and pose no threat to life on earth.
@kwenge (2492)
• Kenya
28 Aug 08
Gosh am soo scared! Life is soo sweet and am not ready to die at this age. We dont know whats in store for us if the world is destroyed and gets a black whole! Lets just pray that nothing bad happens.