@rkrish (3003)
August 28, 2008 9:30am CST
I was walking down in the roadside to buy a new shirt for me to present for my dearest friend as he has birthday tommorrow..but unfortunately the uneven roads has taken a chance...I got slipped and having a sprain...but its great i have not got the fracture... I need to go to my friends bday.... How do i come out from this sprain....any fast relief.... Hup ! Help me.....
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• India
29 Aug 08
yeah krish, pour some hot water on the sprained area.apply some diclofenac oinment but dont rub.
@drannhh (15237)
• United States
28 Aug 08
We call this a warning call...a sign that you need to slow down. Well, did this happen before or after you got to the store? If you already bought the shirt and got your ouchie on the way home, maybe you could find an excuse for your friend to come to your place and then hand him the gift there :-) Happy birthday to your friend!