Sending flowers to people.

@titagdl (136)
August 28, 2008 10:23am CST
Hi!! I love getting flowers from my husband. When we were dating he would give me flowers a lot!! I always told him how i appreciated that and that it made me so happy. He´s never stopped doing it, he usually sends me flowers on special dates and sometimes even when i least expect it! It´s such a great feeling. I´ve always encouraged that in other people too. When my friends husbands seemed a bit distant or maybe bored with their relationship I always recommended some nice flowres would work wonders!! But recently I noticed that flower arrangements are so expensive!!! If you add up a special night out with your spouse, flowers, candy, dinner, a movie or end up spending a lot just for one night! So I thought maybe we could sacrifice something,,,,like instead of the flowers just take me out for dinner, thats enough to make me happy. I mean, the money saved by these things, is money that stays in my family anyways,so aren´t I helping my own family by cutting out these little thing?? A friend of mine even said once,,,,,what!! 75 bucks for flowers that will die in a couple of days!! I´d rather he got me something to eat instead! At least that way i get something out of it!hahahahaha But then, we are the ones that complain that our spouses don´t pay attention to us,and lost that interest in giving us flowers and stuff,,,, So should we sacrifice those nice little things for the benefit of our household economy??
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@Rintis (646)
• India
28 Aug 08
You are truly blessed with a loving husband. In this materialistic when we measure the worth of even love with money very few people would appreciate giving or receiving flowers. I say keep doing so at least once a while. One need not go for very expensive ones. Do you know that even wild flowers look pretty? I have as a child always gifted wild flowers to my mom on her birthday with a hand made card. I would always see a warm smile cross her face when she held those flowers. Sometimes the most cherished and appreciated gifts come for free. Take care.