How do you "RAGE"

@TheDevil (840)
August 28, 2008 11:19am CST
How do you show your anger .....Tears , acid tongue , or silence... for me... I do my best to maintain myself till I get pushed and once i get explode then the poison spews . so when i'm really raging its BAD ..Sumtimes I do try to control my anger by concentrating on different topic/matter . However when its Bad I MEAN REALLY BAD ..Watch Out.... Its just the force by which things come out like hurricane and people scatter... I rant , spew out venomous remark that will cut you to the bone .. I might even cry ..but if I do then the anger is not so bad ... I rarely cry when i am angry so I m purely and acid tongue ..coz when I 'm ticked off I become the Queen Of Sarcasm
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• United States
31 Aug 08
I used to just hold it all my anger inside until it eventually surfaced as me lashing out at people verbally or sometimes as a physical altercation. After i started lifting weights as an everyday hobby i noticed that i no longer feel as angry as i once did and cannot really remember the last time i actually became genuinely enraged.If you find yourself getting mad too often maybe you should consider exercising.
• Philippines
28 Aug 08
i usually pick my battle. we all have our little demons and am no exception to getting angry. i usually hold my temper. but if i see that i need to shut a b**ch up, i'd just go ahead and say what's on my mind. i don't wanna use sarcasm, but it's the easiest that my brain can formulate. but in the end the ones that i don't let slide make me feel bad. cuz what you say can never be taken back. and i've had a lot of regrets for having an acid tongue at times. there are days that i easily get annoyed, and it kinda sucks that it's transparent when i dont really want to listen. and if something or someone hits a nerve, i have the tendency to say something rude and make a person feel bad. i hope i didn't make anyone cry yet... and it's kinda funny and sad when i see people who project to have tough and feisty personalities..but when confronted, they bend. sometimes looking tough and always full of angst, is not really the story. look tough, fall easy... nothing to be proud of when you get all hot-headed and sarcastic. it's zero diplomacy..and i am guilty as charged, at times... i hope i can change