Different ways you've helped friend?

@razor123 (979)
August 28, 2008 12:57pm CST
What are the different ways in which u have helped you fried(s)? Whenever my friends used to have difficulties while studying i used to never say no to them. I always offered them a helping hand whenever they needed. I used to go for classes and get notes which were kinda easier to study from than the fat reference books that we actually had to refer. All my friends used to take my notes but i never said a no. Finally always after the exams when the results used to come out all i had given my notes too used to get a much higher score or %age than me. But even then i never felt jealous and used to still help them and give them my notes to study in the later semesters too.
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• United States
28 Aug 08
I normally help my friends out with advice when they are going through a situation and they need someone to talk to and I lend my shoulder for them to cry on. I kind stopped at that though, because I am always doing the helping for them, but when I need advice from them or just need someone to listen to me, they never would sit and listen to me or lend me their shoulder to cry on. But that is something that I used to help my friends with.