For love of Jake, my sweet and loving friend.

Jake, with his friend Greysocks. - Love that Butt Boy!
United States
August 28, 2008 2:05pm CST
An old and dear friend is ready to leave us. His name is Jake, and he just turned 17. He was frail to start with, and he caught a cold last week that is going to be the end of him. He's a sweet tortoise shell tabby, and he was very shy and retiring when I first met him, 14 years ago. He was my partner's youngest cat when we moved in together. One of his favorite activities was to scamper back and forth and chase his tail on the second floor banister. One day, he stopped playing and stared at me, as if he expected me to do something. He had his butt stuck up in the air, so I started to beat it (very gently!) with one hand. He LOVED it! That became his most favorite thing right away, and he demanded to play just about every time I walked past the stairs. His personality blossomed, too, revealing a sweet, affectionate baby who loved to be held and fussed over. I started calling him Butt Boy, which he learned to answer to. Over the years, his nickname evolved to Jakey-Jakey WhattaButt, which I still call him today. There's just a few hours, or perhaps a day, left in his life. We talked about having him put down, but he still purrs, eats and drinks a bit, and holds on tight with his paws when we hold him. He still gives and receives love, so we're letting him pass away at home. We're caring for him round the clock, and he seems comfortable. He deserves a better end than a cold and painful needle in a scary place. He will die with lots of love, just as he lived. He's a wonderful friend, and we will miss him terribly. Goodbye, my sweet, silly Butt Boy!
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@ElicBxn (63187)
• United States
1 Sep 08
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I've lost a lot of cats over the years, but none of them get any easier. Each baby is just so different and special in their own ways. Jake knows he was loved his whole life, and you can't ask for a better life than that.
@mummymo (23706)
31 Aug 08
Oh sweet gg I am so , so sorry to hear about your beloved Jake and I hope and pray he passes easily and in as little discomfort/distress as possible! It takes a lot to do what you are doing and you have my thoughts and prayers with you! Hugs sweety! xxx
@nova1945 (1612)
• United States
28 Aug 08
How sad, my heart breaks for you. I lost my torti last November. She would have been 20 years old in February of this year. Your memorial to Jake is touching and I can see that you loved him dearly. I hope he will be in a better place now, and waiting for you to meet him there someday. Blessings.
@fifileigh (3615)
• United States
30 Aug 08
why r u saying goodbye now? did he already die? or just retiring? at least have some hope, maybe he will live longer, and just retire at home, relaxing with you...
@mcat19 (1357)
• United States
28 Aug 08
I'm so very sorry. Jakey was very much loved. You gave him the best life and he was very happy with you. It's always terribly sad when we have to say goodbye, but Jakey will always live in your heart. Tears.
@sudalunts (5523)
• United States
28 Aug 08
Oh my, that is really hard to hear. I pray that Jakey-Jakey WhattaButt, can pull through. It is so good that you decided to keep him home with you. So many people rush to euthanize their pets. Your story is really touching my heart. My youngest cat is named Jake, sometimes we call him Jakie. He is also sweet, with such a great personality, and funny thing, my oldest cat was nicknamed StinkyButt, because she is long haired, and when she was kitten, she didn't always use the Charmin I am happy that Jakey has been loved and knows it. God blessed you with him for fourteen years, and he had a good and loving home. Jakey, you were certainly loved.