What miracles have you experienced in your lifetime!

They still occur! - Miracles still happen
United States
August 28, 2008 2:07pm CST
First let start off by saying YES I do believe in miracles! The miracle I incounterd was being release from the addiction of drugs. I mean I smoked from smoked from sun-up to sun-down and popped X-pills also drank everyday too. I told myself how in the hell am I going to break this $hit, There went days in and out when I choose drug habit over food but that same night I would go to GOD in prayer asking him to break this addiction. One day I went over a frineds house preparing to smoke and I just felt this presence come over me and at that moment the addiction was broken, Thank God b/c I could see suicide around the corner if that never happened, I mean the drain drugs and stuff have on your life is crazy! Believe it or Not! I'll prove it! http://tinyurl.com/5a32ec
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• Philippines
28 Aug 08
I agree with you miracles are everywhere, i do believe that, i have many miracles in my life and i cant enumerate in here..all i have to say that miracles are happen everytime.If you sleep and wake up in the morning that's miracle to us and we have to thank god that everytime we wake up we are still alive.....
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