what you prefer : Laptop or Workstation !?

@hichamov (507)
August 28, 2008 3:58pm CST
For me the workstation is more Suitable and i work a lot to it, it's give me a more Facilities and i like to See what im doing at my 21" Screen :D Laptop i just use it while im Traveling or with family . What about you?!
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@pp_earn (210)
• India
29 Aug 08
I prefer laptop because I am always on the go. Of course, I miss my workstation as it has a very good configuration with enough RAM and hard disk space to fulfil my multimedia needs.
@krkchn (160)
• Philippines
29 Aug 08
I prefer desktops since i could just fix or replace parts on my own when something goes wrong. Laptop parts are so expensive and sensitive that i don't want to touch any of it. Also, airflow in the laptop is at a minimum and it overheats easily. Laptops are very convenient though
• Philippines
28 Aug 08
I am for the workstation. It's more easy to manage and maintain than laptops. The service parts of laptop are also expensive. I've also heard that laptops give much more radiation than a workstation, I don't like it.
• United Kingdom
28 Aug 08
I would definitely go for the desktop as opposed to the laptop. One of the main reasons I like the desktop is, I'm into computer maintenance and installation and I feel that you can upgrade a desktop, whereas there are limited upgrade capabilities with a laptop. I like messing around inside my computer and finding out what I can upgrade it to. Again, having said all this, as you say; when you are travelling you can take your laptop with you and it is very convenient. Andrew
@rustantl (258)
• United States
28 Aug 08
We have both here... A laptop and work station...I hardly ever us the work station but my hubby does...I like the laptop better cause I take it outside a lot and let the kids play while I try to make some money on here... Sometimes I do sometimes I don't lol...But either way it does not take away from my kids while I try!