November 5, 2006 10:53am CST
Is it rude to fart or is it just what comes naturally
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@DanaN21 (177)
• United States
5 Nov 06
I Think It Really Depends On The Situation. Farting Is Natural. Every One Does It. I Personally Do not Fart In Front Of Anyone. Alot Of People Just Pass Gas Whenever They Feel The Need. I Believe If You Are At A Social Gathering Or Some Place Like That Than Maybe Its Not A Good Time To Just Pass Gas In Front Of Everyone. If You Are In Your Own Home, Or With Family Or Some Situation Like That. Than If You Need To Fart Than You Should Just Go Ahead And Do It If You Wish To Do So. I Hold Mine In Unless I Am Alone And Its One Of The Worst Things A Person Could Do. It Will Make Your Stomach Hurt For A Really Long Time But I Just Can Not Do It In Front Of Other People.