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United States
August 28, 2008 9:47pm CST
It sucks that the PS3 will ruin my PS2. But the PS2 did the same thing to its predecessor (ps1). I will probably have to upgrade to continue playing new games. Is anyone else angry about this?
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@babostwick (2037)
• United States
30 Aug 08
If they keep making PS2 games, then maybe not. I haven't gone out to buy a PS3 because of its price and it seems that you can find the same games on the 360, Wii, or maybe both depending on the game itself. Though I think the price has dropped, I'm still not so sure on getting it just yet. I guess I'm just waiting. I'm not mad, just having some patience.
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8 Sep 08
nah, don't really mind, because with better consoles come better games. And with the PS3 games on release the PS2 games prices drop like a rocket, especially second hand, bought like 8 decent PS2 games for £20 :)
@mr_mlk (364)
29 Aug 08
I'm confused by your question/point. The PS3 will not stop your PS2 from working. Just less new games for the platform will be released as it will become less worth while to release games for the older console (as less people will buy them). This is how it has always been, and always will be and not just for game consoles. I'm not angry about it, the PS2 could not run the new games anyway it does not have the horse power.