Do you personally clean your room??How often??

August 28, 2008 10:33pm CST
I can say that I am lazy.. But when it comes to cleaning my room, I cannot call myself that word.. I love cleaning my room everyday... Sweeping the floor, fixing my bed and putting things in its proper order... It's that simple... But if it talks about the general cleaning of my room...I do it every two weeks or sometimes once a month...^_^ depending on my schedule...How about you???
5 responses
@rocker21 (2717)
• India
30 Aug 08
yeah i personally clean my room the maid comes but i clean it again myself!
@winzpc (2356)
• Indonesia
29 Aug 08
I like to clean up my room but nor everyday. I will clean up, my room is so mess and look crummy. so I usually do it once a month. I usually do it on Sunday becaue it's the only one free time that I can do other activity beside my job.
@corngrass (727)
• Malaysia
29 Aug 08
Hi friend! I don't usually clean my room because im too lazy for that. But at least i will make sure my room is not in a mess cz i dun wan my mum to clean it for me. If my mum do so, i will be facing trouble when i need to look for my things. How often i really clean my room? i guess the last time i clean my room is like 2 months ago. HAHA! Dun worry, i still find my way in and out from the room.
@siuloong (52)
• China
29 Aug 08
I usually entirely clean my room every 2 weeks, but I sweep the floor everyday using brush. Fixing bed and putting thing in its proper order,these things often done by my wife.
• Philippines
29 Aug 08
Hi andyel.. Well i do cleaning my room everyday... Coz i can't rely on anyone at our house... So i do the cleaning myself... But sometimes when i'm sick, mom takes care of cleaning... And sometimes it isn't cleaned coz of those times that i'm in the rush going at school... something like that