RAC Insurance.

@kurci1 (171)
August 29, 2008 6:38am CST
Well a few days ago I booked a holiday with the RAC thinking that it was totally free for their service in helping booking it. I booked the flight and the money for the tickets was taken out of my credit card. The next day I go and check out my credit card and RAC has charged 90 dollars to my account extra without my permission under any circumstance. I gave away my credit card details to them for the booking of the flight only and the lady whom was servicing me was taking money out of my account willy nilly. I feel like getting them for fraud as I didn't give permission for her to take anything out of their. When I called back again a few hours ago they said that they had a 30 dollar per person fee for booking when I asked before I started booking with them that will it cost me anything to book with them and they said no. I want my money back, Has this ever happened to you when a company has taken money out of your credit card without your permission? I hope it hasn't =\, Kurci-
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