which country impressed you most during the unforgettable 16 days of Olympic ?

August 29, 2008 6:41am CST
Try to share your opinion about the most impressive country or individual during the Olympic Games !!! It is china,or US ,or RUssia ,or jamaica ? It is Phelps,or Bolt upright, or someone else ? Why?
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@IsisGreen (554)
14 Sep 08
Nobody else voting for Team GB then? Any Aussies around like to comment?
@timou87 (1642)
• Singapore
30 Aug 08
No country impressed me more than China. It showed the world that it was capable to hosting large scale events and few events are bigger than the Olympic Games. Further, the people showed a dedication to the success of China's hosting of the games, that speaks volumes about how much the people feel for their own country and the pride they have at being given the honour of hosting the games. I would say, well done China, even more so given that you hosted a successful and safe games in the face of so many who would want to steal the limelight from you.
• China
30 Aug 08
of course china,not because the number of gold medals the have got,but their change.everyone knows china changed a lot ,their level improved a lot.they got many first medal in many projects.for example in women marathon,in toxophily,in rowboat and so on. on the other hand,as the holding country,they showed their culture and tradition to all the world,they made the world know that china welcomes you forever ,beijing weicome you forever.
• India
29 Aug 08
Oh. Which country else could it be. CHINA only. for the wonderful hosting. and the change it had. from RED communism to the more broad MULTI-COLORED HOST. CHINA only impressed me a lot. As a country. And, all the athletes, irrespective of their country of origin did their best. Hats off to them too.