Tipping & Giving Money in General

@Victoria7 (1241)
August 22, 2006 12:27pm CST
I´m interested in how tipping varies throughout the world. An example is in the UK where I´m originally from, it´s normal to tip 20% in a restaurant or cab (I think). In the US it´s more isn´t it? I think the price of the meal/cab is cheaper or wages are slightly lower for waiting staff so tips are expected. Here in the Canaries it depends on service but hairdressers expect tips normally, cabbies only from tourists. My personal view is that if I´m happy with a service I´m happy to tip. If I am very happy & someone has gone out of their way to be helpful I tip more than is expected (obviously, if I can afford to). If I have a bad meal, bad service or a rude taxi driver... they ain´t getting a tip! My boyfriend tipped a waitress in Bulgaria the equivalent of 7 dollars & she said that was 3 week´s wages for her!!!! I used to give money to beggars too but when I was backpacking I had to be careful (some places you give to one person, turn round & there are 100 others... you can´t give to them all). Opinions please! (If anyone´s from outside UK or US, I´m interested how it all works in your country).
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22 Aug 06
I don't completely base my tip on the price of the meal. I base it on the service and how well they put effort into their job. i am a bartender I understand when it gets busy they can't be at the table right away or you might have to wait five minutes or so for another drink etc... When someone puts a little bit of comedy and fun into serving my table or helping me out I generally tip higher because they are having fun with their job. If they do the bare minimum serve you and hand you then bill then I tip only the 15%