Follow up RE: how would you like to die

@chechuva (1276)
August 29, 2008 11:55am CST
first of all i would like to apologize whoever i disappointed about my last post. im not really making fun or joke about the way i would like to die. find it weird but im taking it the other way. yes i haven't really understand how painful they are going through, but i admire their courage that they have every second. the courage that i want to have while im still strong and healthy. it doesn't really matter how i die. what really matters to me is where i will be after death. maybe that is what we should be thinking of... heaven or hell... life doesn't stop when we die, it is actually the start of our eternity... "Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6
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@Wizzywig (7858)
29 Aug 08
For me, I think the issue is not how I will die, nor even when i will die but more how I will have lived. I read your previous post and can understand that you would want time to prepare both yourself and your family for your passing. I'm not sure which is worse, to lose someone close unexpectedly or to watch someone you care for slip away slowly. I've experienced both and would not say either was easier.