cell phones at night

@titagdl (136)
August 29, 2008 3:11pm CST
I used to carry my cellphone in my purse and sometimes even forgot about it till the next day,unless it rang of course. I´m a stay at home mom so most of my friends and family can easily reach me at home, or even leave a message and I would call them right back. But with a kid now I´m spending more and more time doing errands, going to parks,parties,and well, basically kids activities, so having a cell phone helps out a lot. I used to turn my phone off at nights or even sometimes during the day when I was at home, so if somebody had to call me they could do it tomy house, but for some timenow I haven´t been able to turn off my phone at night. I keep thinking that maybe somebody is going to have to get ahold of me and wont be able to, in case they don´t remember my home phone number, and only can call on my cell. When your parents reach a certain age you start thinking those kinds of things, so now I´m leaving me cell phone on most of the times, so anybody can reach me at any time of the day,,,,is this wrong???
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• China
1 Sep 08
ye, I think that's a bad start. Like me I always turn on my cell for my baby nurse, my parents, friends...
@chatcat (51)
• United States
29 Aug 08
turn on the cell phone at night is ok if there is not some disturbing messages and callings .i turned off the cell phone at night before,for there were always some unknown and meaningless calls and messages that awaked me at night.