Is there any real right and wrong?

@bugbaby (1787)
August 29, 2008 7:28pm CST
What would you do if, during World War II, you were hiding some Jewish people in your home and a Nazi soldier came to your door and asked if there were any Jews inside? Would you tell the truth and consign these innocent people to death, or would you lie to protect them?
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@likaes (496)
• Singapore
30 Aug 08
The idea of telling a lie as being wrong is, well, wrong! Telling a lie itself does not constitute a wrongdoing. It's what you do with it that counts. Right and wrong are gray areas that aren't naturally defined. Right or wrong is usually defined by the observer, as people have different ideas of right or wrong. So of course, to protect innocents, I would lie. To correct the wrong, I'll strike, if need be.
@bugbaby (1787)
• Indonesia
30 Aug 08
yes, you right about right or wrong if we see from the lie aspect. thanks for the comment.