August 29, 2008 9:28pm CST
Hi, i am new here in Jatinangor. I'm here for studying. Anybody from Jatinangor, Just Let me know. Write your comment here. Thank you.
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@Anne18 (11034)
1 Sep 08
Jatinangor.... that sounds a lovely name for a place. I have never heard of the place you come from. Could you write me and fellow mylotters some infornation about where you live, I'm sure many people on mylot are wondering about Jatinangor and where it is. Welcome here my friend
• Indonesia
1 Sep 08
Hi, thank you for responding. Jatinagor is a town outside Bandung. Bandung is a capital of West Java Province, Indonesia. Jatinangor is a student town, i can find not less than 3 major university here.They are Padjdjaran University. Goverment Science University, and Winaya Mukti University. Myself, I'm studyin at Padjadjaran University, I take Faculty of Medicine. I live in Dorm here, because my house is in Jakarta which is 3 hours far from here. About Padjadjaran University, i've created the discussion under "where do you study"