Is Brooke Davis from One Tree Hill an Ideal Friend to you?

brooke davis - an ideal friend?
August 30, 2008 7:26am CST
To those who love One Tree Hill, I'm sure you all have your own opinions about Brooke Davis. Maybe some of you guys envy her for being the rich girl next door. Some of you may despise her for being the bossy brain in school. Some of you may pity her for not having a family at home. And some of you may love her for being a great friend to everyone, especially to Peyton, Rachel, and Mouth. Think whatever you want to think, but I really fancy having a Brooke Davis in my life. I don't care if she overshadows me with her status. Who even cares if people will raise their eyebrow on me for being friends with a flirty gal? I may feel sorry for her for not having a family - but I won't judge her whole being for that. I can just easily love her for being an ideal best friend. Well, my ideal best friend:Someone who can shake the world senselessly when she gets mad at the people who try to offend me. Someone who can directly tell me my mistakes, and then help me out instead of criticizing me. Someone who can give me sympathy when I'm telling her what's bothering me, and then make me laugh later with her creative imagination and wild ideas. Someone who won't be afraid of showing her anger when she gets mad at me because I did something to offend her. Someone who knows how to make it up if she's sorry, and not just telling me that she's sorry... And so on... Someone like that. Someone like Brooke. Brooke Davis - God, she's amazing. If she's around, I'm sure I have nothing to worry outside home. She's someone whom anyone can count on. Well, anyone whom she likes, that is. Ha, ha... Yeah, well, Brooke can be really stubborn at times. She can be mean, bossy, and envious of other people. She cries a lot, too, when she's scared, angry, or sad. Man, who cares? I can still accept that. As long as I'm her best friend or whatever friend, bet she'll stick with me no matter what - unlike other people who bail out when the going gets tough. I can be tough, but sometimes, I want someone to baby me - someone like Brooke who can easily make your day. Someone whom I can feel at ease in being a good friend without any worries or doubts. What about you?
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