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@savypat (20245)
United States
August 30, 2008 3:40pm CST
Have you ever written your last will? I just did it for both my husband and myself for under $40.00. Just go on the internet and shop. It costs a whole lot more if you use an attorney. You can get a will, that's legal in your state and if you keep it simple it won't cost your heirs an arm and a leg after you pass on. My poor sister-in-law is dealing with this right now. And on top of the death of her husband now comes all the expense of the will. I know my brother would have set things up differently if he had known how much trouble it's going to be. The best thing to do in our state is to make the will simple and a seperate agreement for all the little things you want done, like donate stuff or proceeds to charities or give certian things to special people. If that is included in the will it will bring the court into it and cost money plus delay. Of course if there is not agreement by the family members you will need a much more expensive will to make sure your wishes are followed. Me, once I'm gone I don't care about my stuff. What do you all think about this?
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• Ireland
30 Aug 08
Yes, I have made my last will but I went to a solicitor and it cost me €300. I know I could have purchased a will form and done it myself for less but I needed legal advice and I also wanted to make sure that my will was watertight. My children each know want is in the will and they are quite contented with how I want my estate to be divided. I wouldn't like to just pass away without making a will. I know that I can die happy knowing that I have taken care of everybody. Although, maybe you have the right attitude.
@lilaclady (28236)
• Australia
30 Aug 08
Yes I have done mine a few times, but the last one I did was just a home kit you buy from the newsagent but i will be looking for a better one as this only gave me three little lines which i need more, even though it was a will for a single person it seemed to be saying the three lines were to leave the estate to your children...I don't want to go to a professional as i tend to change mine a bit...